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Introduction to Marketing

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
  • 教學型態: 非同步遠距教學
  • 授課教師姓名及職稱: Talha Harcar, Professor
  • 開課單位名稱: 商學院
  • 課程學制: 學士班
  • 部別: 日間部
  • 科目類別: 專業科目
  • 部校定: 院定
  • 開課期限: 一學期(半年)
  • 選課別: 選修
  • 學分數: 4
  • 每週上課時數: 10
  • 開課班級數: 1
  • 預計總修課人數: 40
  • 全英語教學: 是
    • 貳、課程教學計畫
    • 教學目標
      • 1. Introduce students marketing terminology and concepts.
        2. Provide students with an understanding of marketing theory and practice.
        3. Help students understand the basic practices and problems in marketing and to the skills involved in marketing management.
        4. Explain the importance of technology and marketing information gathering for purposes of market segmentation, the understanding of consumer behavior, the implementation of the marketing concept and environmental analysis.
    • 適合修習對象: Undergraduate students need to get credits for marketing courses.
    • 課程內容大綱
      • 週次1: (遠距教學)Introduction; Lesson 1: Overview of Marketing; Lesson 2: Developing Marketing Strategies and a Marketing Plan; Lesson 3: Analyzing the Marketing Environment.
        週次2: (遠距教學)Lesson 4: Consumer Behavior; Lesson 5: Business-to-Business Marketing; Lesson 6: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.
        週次3: (遠距教學)Lesson 7: Marketing Research; Lesson 8: Product, Branding, and Packaging & Decisions Developing New Products; Lesson 9: Services: The Intangible Product.
        週次4: (遠距教學)Lesson 10: Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value; Lesson 11: Supply Chain and Channel Management; Lesson 12: Retailing and Omni-Channel Marketing.
        週次5: (遠距教學)Lesson 13: Integrated Marketing Communication; Lesson 14: Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion; Lesson 15: Social and Mobile Marketing
    • 教學方式
      • ☑ 提供線上課程主要及補充教材
        ☑ 提供線上非同步教學
        ☑ 有線上教師或線上助教
        ☑ 提供線上同步教學,次數:5次,總時數:5小時
    • 學習管理系統
      • 提供給系統管理者進行學習管理系統資料庫管理
        ☑ 個人資料
        ☑ 課程資訊
        ☑ 其他相關資料管理功能
        ☑ 最新消息發佈、瀏覽
        ☑ 教材內容設計、觀看、下載
        ☑ 成績系統管理及查詢
        ☑ 進行線上測驗、發佈
        ☑ 互動式學習設計(聊天室或討論區)
    • 師生互動討論方式: Email, WeChat Group
    • 作業繳交方式: 提供線上說明作業內容、線上即時作業填答、作業檔案上傳及下載、線上測驗
    • 成績評量方式.
      • Online Quizzes --> 10%
        Case Questions --> 20%
        Discussions --> 20%
        Midterm Exam --> 25%
        Final Exam --> 25%
        Total = 100%
    • 上課注意事項
      • All students are expected to act with civility, personal integrity; respect other student’s dignity, rights and property, and help create and maintain an environment in which all can succeed through the fruits of their own efforts. An environment of academic integrity is requisite to respect for self and others and a civil community. Academic integrity includes a commitment to not engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception. Such acts of dishonesty include cheating or copying, plagiarizing, submitting another persons’ work as one’s own, using Internet sources without citation, fabricating field data or citations, “ghosting” (taking or having another student take an exam), stealing examinations, tampering with academic work of another student, facilitating other students’ acts of academic dishonesty, etc. Students charged with a breach of academic integrity will receive due process and, if the charge is found valid, academic sanctions may range, depending on the severity of the offense, from F for the assignment to F for the course.